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GBTIDL: Data Reduction for the GBT Using IDL

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GBTIDL Installation Instructions
After downloading the most recent version of GBTIDL from this page, follow these instructions to install it.
  • Create a directory for the installation and unzip the tar ball:
        mkdir mygbtidl
        mv gbtidl-2.10.1.tar.gz mygbtidl/.
        cd mygbtidl
        gzip -d gbtidl-2.10.1.tar.gz
        tar -xvf gbtidl-2.10.1.tar
  • Go to the newly created installation directory, 'gbtidl':
         cd gbtidl
  • copy the file 'run_gbtidl' to 'gbtidl':
         cp run_gbtidl gbtidl
  • Edit the 'gbtidl' script to use the correct path to your installation of idl. For example:
  • Edit the 'gbtidl' script to replace "PLACE_INSTALLATION_DIR_HERE" with the full path to the gbtidl executable script. For example, it should look something like this:
          export GBT_IDL_DIR=/home/mygbtidl/gbtidl
  • Start GBTIDL:
  • You may wish to add the installation directory to your path.

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